Developing an Engineering Focused Narrative Television Series

Areas of Interest:

Education, Understanding Engineering

Project Type:

Other Study

Latest Update: February 22, 2013
Primary Contact: Beth Cady

As a means to enhance technological literacy, attract more young people to careers in engineering and contribute to the sustainment of the national capacity for technological innovation, CASEE has designed this project effort to increase public awareness of the role of engineers and engineering in society.

This project builds upon initial project efforts and progress made by:

  1. developing a two-hour movie script for a television series pilot;
  2. soliciting network interest in broadcasting the pilot and optioning the on-going production of a television series;
  3. identifying a professional management firm to represent the interests of NAE as a proxy for the engineering community as the series is developed;
  4. determining broadcast network interest in the production of a series based upon the pilot;
  5. building a coalition of funders to support production; and
  6. building a coalition of supporters in the engineering community. 

Support for this project has been provided by NSF grants DUE-0837884 and DUE-0936193.

Project Status
Project Sponsor

National Science Foundation