Incorporating Human-Systems Integration in Undergraduate Engineering Education Planning Meeting

The National Academy of Engineering and the Board on Human-Systems Integration of the National Research Council are holding a planning meeting on better incorporating instruction on human-systems integration (HSI) in the undergraduate engineering curriculum.

The goals for this planning meeting are:

  • to explore the case for including HSI in engineering education,
  • to consider perspectives on what HSI knowledge is needed by engineers,
  • to identify what is already happening in this area and what are some of issues in incorporating HSI more broadly, and
  • to consider the scope for a broader consensus study on this topic.

The meeting will be structured to include a mix of brief presentations and ample open discussion time. We are bringing together a small group of individuals with a range of expertise for this discussion, including HSI research, HSI instruction, engineering education research, and engineering program development and administration.

We will bring together those who have indicated some interest in a consensus study on incorporating human-systems integration into engineering education as well as exploring broader interest in the topic. University administrators, engineering society presidents, experts in the teaching of human factors information and engineering, and experts in curriculum reform will be in attendance.


November 5, 2012
08:30 PM – 04:30 PM
National Academies Keck Center
Washington, DC