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National Academy of Sciences Building
2101 Constitution Ave. NW
Washington DC
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    Welcome Video from the 2012 Forum

    Educating Engineers: Welcome Video from the 2012 Forum

    Dr. Charles M. Vest
    President, National Academy of Engineering

Educating Engineers: Preparing 21st Century Leaders in the Context of New Modes of Learning

Engineering education is changing in the United States and around the world. Forces include integration with new science, particularly nano-scale science and biology; increased emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship to drive economic growth; accelerating speed, complexity and globalization of engineering functions; preparation of graduates to address the Grand Challenges; empowering a more diverse population of young American engineers; renewing a commitment to design and production; and developing new approaches to large-scale engineering systems that must engage society. As in all of higher education, there also are vast challenges such as declining financial support and equally vast opportunities such as the approaching tsunami of interactive on-line learning and massively open online courses.

What lies ahead? What are the ramifications for engineering schools? In this year’s Forum, Educating Engineers: Preparing 21st Century Leaders in the Context of New Modes of Learning, an expert panel will explore many facets of these challenges and opportunities and offer guidance on the roles and responsibilities of 21st century engineering educators.


  • Ali Velshi, Chief Business Correspondent, CNN will moderate the panel.
  • Anant Agarwal, President, edX and Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Linda P. Katehi, Chancellor of University of California, Davis
  • Salman Khan, Founder of the Khan Academy
  • Richard K. Miller, President of Olin College
  • Richard (Rick) Stephens, Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Administration, The Boeing Company
  • Tuula Teeri, President, Aalto University, Finland