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National Academy of Sciences Building
2101 Constitution Ave. NW
Washington DC
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    Lance A. Davis, National Academy of Engineering - October 6, 2013
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    NAE President Dan Mote addresses the members during the 2013 Annual meeting.
    Importance of Engineering Talent to the Prosperity and Security of the Nation
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    NAE Chair's remarks to the members during the 2013 Annual Meeting.
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2013 NAE Annual Meeting

Sunday, October 6, the day begins with a brunch followed by the public program at noon. Remarks by NAE Chair Charles O. Holliday Jr. open the meeting, followed by the President’s address, and then the Induction Ceremony for the 69 new members and 11 foreign members who were elected in February 2013. The public program will continue with the presentation of the Simon Ramo Founders Award, the Arthur M. Bueche Award, and the Bernard M. Gordon Prize Lecture. After a short break, the afternoon program will continue with the Gilbreth Lectures, supported by the Armstrong Endowment for Young Engineers, and conclude with remarks by a distinguished guest speaker, Mitchell E. Daniels Jr.

Monday, October 7, the NAE Business Session will be held at the NAS Building, followed by The Forum: Importance of Engineering Talent to the Prosperity and Security of the Nation. After lunch, the afternoon will be devoted to NAE section meetings. Some meetings will be held in the NAS Building and others in the Keck Center.

"What I have been thinking about . . ."
Annual Meeting

Colleagues and friends, I wish to use this opportunity to speak to you about two related matters that have captured my attention for some time. The first are strategic issues for engineering that could have significant implications for our nation’s future. The second is our plan for celebrating the NAE’S fifty-year anniversary in 2014.  

The Academy’s 50th anniversary year kicks off today and culminates at the end of 2014, a 15-month year. (As I get older, longer years have an attraction.) Our celebration of the 50th anniversary is scheduled for the 2014 Annual Meeting. You will discover that there may be a role for you in this celebration, should you choose to seek it. I hope that this possibility inspires more curiosity than anxiety.

Strategic Issues for Engineering

Now to strategic issues for engineering. In China, there is a saying that when a ... More