NAE Announces Winners of 2015 Founders and Bueche Awards


Fri, October 02, 2015

Washington , DC, October 02, 2015 —

During its 2015 annual meeting, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) will present two awards for extraordinary impact on the engineering profession at a ceremony on Sunday, Oct., 4. The Simon Ramo Founders Award will be presented to Linda P.B. Katehi for leadership in engineering research and education. The Arthur M. Bueche Award will be given to William F. Banholzerfor for his role in strengthening university-industry relationships.

Linda P.B. Katehi has been regarded as a pioneer in engineering education for more than 30 years. She is recognized with the Simon Ramo Founders Award “For visionary leadership in engineering research, entrepreneurship, and education, and for national advocacy of higher education as a major driver of the U.S. economy.” The award acknowledges outstanding professional, educational, and personal achievements to the benefit of society and includes a commemorative medal. Katehi is the first woman to receive the Simon Ramo Founders Award.

Katehi, who is the current chancellor of the University of California, Davis, has overseen all aspects of the university’s teaching, research, and public service mission since taking her post in 2009. Since her early years as a faculty member, Katehi has focused on expanding research opportunities for undergraduates and improving the education and professional experience of graduate students, with an emphasis on women and underrepresented groups. Under her leadership, UC Davis has progressed with its 2020 Initiative to add up to 5,000 new students by the end of the decade, along with 300 new faculty and needed facilities. Furthermore, in 2013 Katehi established the UC Davis World Food Center to tackle critical issues such as how to feed a growing planet in an environmentally friendly way and to advance the nexus between food and human health. Katehi was elected to the NAE in 2006.

William F. Banholzer, also a member of NAE, is a research professor in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department and an honorary fellow in the Chemistry Department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UMW), and senior advisor with the Wisconsin Energy Institute. He will be presented the Arthur M. Bueche Award “For his extraordinary record of new products commercialization and improvement in university-industry relationships through innovative intellectual property treatment and joint industry-academic funding.” The award recognizes an engineer who has shown dedication in science and technology, as well as active involvement in determining U.S. science and technology policy, and includes a commemorative medal.

Banholzer’s role in the advancement of both university and industry fields is exemplified through his leadership roles at both UMW and previously at Dow Chemical where he served as an executive vice president, leading venture capital, new business development, and licensing activities. At Dow, Banholzer initiated a $250 million university research collaboration and championed the Dow Safety Academy to help improve university safety. Prior to joining Dow, Banholzer had a 22-year career with General Electric Company where he oversaw worldwide technology and engineering. Banholzer was elected to the NAE in 2002.

The mission of NAE is to advance the well-being of the nation by promoting a vibrant engineering profession and by marshalling the expertise and insights of eminent engineers to provide independent advice to the federal government on matters involving engineering and technology. The NAE is part of the National Academies (along with the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council), an independent, nonprofit organization chartered by Congress to provide objective analysis and advice to the nation on matters of science and technology.

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