Messaging for Engineering: From Research to Action

  • AuthorNational Academy of Engineering
  • TitleMessaging for Engineering: From Research to Action
  • PublisherNational Academies Press
  • Release DateJune 21, 2013
  • Copyright2013
  • ISBN978-0-309-26180-7

This report supports efforts by the engineering community to communicate more effectively about the profession and those who practice it. It builds on the 2008 NAE publication Changing the Conversation: Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineering (CTC), which presented the results of a research-based effort to develop and test effective messages about engineering. This report summarizes progress in implementing the CTC messages and suggests steps to build on progress to date. It is the final product of the NAE Committee on Implementing Engineering Messages, which was tasked to (1) develop an online “toolkit” with messaging-related resources, community-building applications, and other materials to support the use of new messages for improving public understanding of engineering; (2) facilitate dialogue among organizations that have developed implementation strategies for the new engineering messages and those that have not; and (3) create an action plan to guide adoption and use of the online toolkit and encourage coordinated outreach to the public by the broader engineering community. This report presents the action plan.