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The National Academy of Engineering is embarking on a $100M multi-year fundraising campaign, the first of its kind on the NAE's history. Follow along and track the Campaign’s progress, make a donation, and learn more about how you can get involved.

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Campaign Overview

The National Academy of Engineering is strengthening its position as the trusted source of engineering advice for creating a healthier, more secure, and more sustainable world. Its commitment to providing expert, unbiased engineering leadership and insights focuses on three fundamental aspects: people, systems, and culture.

Why the NAE?

Because no other organization—not academia, government, or industry—has within its ranks the brightest minds in the world representing all fields of engineering, and the ability to convene these experts to provide expertise, leadership, and insight for the benefit of all people.

Why now?

Because the world is changing at a pace that challenges our understanding and ability to adapt. However, these challenges create opportunities to learn, improve, and expand the engineering field, provided we are prepared to take bold actions that inspire innovative solutions. Inaction now will be to the detriment of future generations.

Campaign Priorities

Through the Campaign for Leadership in a World of Accelerating Change, the NAE seeks to fulfill its mission by aligning efforts with its 2021-2026 Strategic Plan and focusing on the people, systems, and culture of engineering.

EngineerGirl Ambassadors gathered for the NAE’s 2022 National Meeting


Engineers are at the heart of solving global-scale challenges that affect all people. We must expand the public’s engineering awareness and literacy—from K-12 education—to foster workforce capabilities, competencies, and character in educational and professional environments to enable rewarding careers and lifelong learning in engineering. To aid in this effort and create a more welcoming profession for various aspirants and participants, we must also address organizational, economic, and policy issues that affect students, engineers, and related professionals based on their background and personal characteristics.


As the leading voice for the engineering profession in the United States, we must conduct international activities to promote awareness of complex systems thinking in partnership with international engineering academies and other relevant networks. These efforts will be further aided by engaging industry and other groups to envision engineering practice that transcends technology and helps synthesize proficiencies and philosophies from different intellectual traditions and practice areas in and beyond engineering.


The NAE must inspire an engineering identity and responsibility beyond individual work and purely technical interests by expanding the understanding of how cultural, ethical, and social circumstances and the environment affect and are affected by the practice of engineering. This understanding is critical to creating an engineering culture that is open, inclusive, diverse, and accepting of all individuals and ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

The campaign seeks to empower the NAE by providing the essential funds needed to sustain and develop the Academy’s mission of providing unbiased, expert leadership in a world of accelerating change. By raising $100 million by 2026, the NAE can secure its mission for the benefit of future generations.

The National Academy of Engineering’s Tax ID Number is 23-7284092.

Mailed contributions, including donor-advised fund recommendations, should be sent to our secure offsite processing center at:

National Academy of Engineering
Office of Development
P.O. Box 936138
Atlanta, GA 31193-6135

Please do not mail donations to either of our physical addresses in Washington, DC.

Please feel free to contact Radka Nebesky, Director of Development, at 202.334.3417 or, or Stephanie Halperin, Associate Director of Development, at 202.334.1842 or

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