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  • Nomination Announced for Next NAE President

    The National Academy of Engineering 2019 nominating committee has recommended John L. Anderson, President Emeritus and distinguished professor of chemical engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech), as the sole candidate for the NAE presidency.

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  • Mr. David W. Roop
    Dominion Energy Virginia
    Elected 2018
    For leadership in electric vehicles, grounding methods, and safety and training in transmission and distribution grid operations.
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  • Dr. Oliver C. Mullins
    Schlumberger Companies
    Elected 2018
    For developing downhole fluid analysis of oil and gas reservoirs, and elucidating the structure of asphaltenes in crude oils.
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  • Professor Paul F. Nealey
    The University of Chicago
    Elected 2018
    For the development of directed self-assembly of block copolymers as an industrially significant process for nanolithography.
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  • Professor David Haussler
    University of California, Santa Cruz
    Elected 2018
    For developments in computational learning theory and bioinformatics, including first assembly of the human genome, its analysis, and data sharing.
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  • Professor Lallit Anand
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Elected 2018
    For contributions to the development of plasticity for engineering technology: theory, experiment, and computation.
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President's Corner
"Rarely, if ever, does one get an opportunity to be exposed to so many brilliant minds under one roof, selflessly providing their expertise and working in tandem towards the common goal of globally improving the quality of life…"
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