Studies and programs related to engineering and technology cut across the many operational units of The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The results of these activities are published as reports and proceedings that add to the growing body of knowledge on engineering and technology practice and policy.

You can order these publications or read them online at the website of the National Academies Press. Most reports are available as free PDFs.

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Past Volumes
Memorial Tributes
  • This is the 27th volume of Memorial Tributes compiled by the National Academy of Engineering as a personal remembrance of the lives and outstanding achievements of its members and international members. These volumes are intended to stand as an enduring record of the many contributions of ...
Past Volumes
NAE Annual Report
  • Provides details on the scope and depth of NAE work performed in 2019. These activities have been conceived and executed to pursue our goal of providing objective, independent advice to the federal government and the engineering community and to proactively promote the technological welfare of the nation.

  • Copyright2008
    Direct mastery learning experiences conducted in a non-competitive environment lead to enhanced levels of psychosocial factors believed to have an impact on the recruitment and retention of females in engineering
    Authoring institutionDonohue, Susan K., Ph.D.
  • Copyright2007
    In the modern era, IQ and assessment tests have served to identify talented students coming from all walks of life; however, an expansion of this evaluation to include common sense, creativity, and social aptitude serves as a better indicator of long term educational and career success.
    Authoring institutionMcMurdy, John
  • Copyright2007
    If all members of a group can benefit from collective action, the only deterrent from benefiting without contribution is the avoidance of punishment. This has implications in encouraging group members in lab groups and other cooperative activities to demand accountability and withhold rewards based ...
    Authoring institutionMcMurdy, John
  • Copyright2007
    The curricula and pedagogy of engineering disciplines face mounting pressure to change in response to the national need for engineers who can compete in the global workforce and the need to increase the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of the profession. For over two decades, numerous ...
    Authoring institutionSpalter-Roth, Roberta, Norman Fortenberry, and Barbara Lovitts
  • ISBN978-0-309-14518-X3
    An emerging body of research suggests that a set of broad "21st century skills"—such as adaptability, complex communication skills, and the ability to solve non-routine problems--are valuable across a wide range of jobs in the national economy. However, the role of K-12 education ...
    Authoring institutionBoard on Science Education Center for Education Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education National Research Council
  • ISBN978-0-309-14714-X9
    While energy prices, energy security, and climate change are front and center in the national media, these issues are often framed to the exclusion of the broader issue of sustainability—ensuring that the production and use of biofuels do not compromise the needs of future generations by ...
    Authoring institutionScience and Technology for Sustainability Program Policy and Global Affairs Division National Research Council
  • ISBN978-0-309-15145-0
    The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Frederick, Maryland, is designed to handle pathogens that cause serious or potentially lethal diseases, which require the research performed on them be contained to specialized laboratories. In 2007 a decision was made to expand ...
    Authoring institutionBoard on Life Sciences Division on Earth and Life Studies National Research Council
  • ISBN978-0-309-15241-9
    This letter report, the first phase of a multidisciplinary study of deterrence strategies for preventing cyberattacks, identifies key issues that merit study. The committee provides basic information that reveals the nature of the problem and lists important questions that can drive research on ...
    Authoring institutionComputer Science and Telecommunications Board Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences Policy and Global Affairs Division National Research Council
  • ISBN978-0-309-14974-7
    The U.S. Geological Survey requested that the National Research Council review and provide guidance on the direction and priorities of the National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program. This initial letter report concerns the scientific priorities of the NAWQA program as expressed in its ...
    Authoring institutionWater Science and Technology Board Division on Earth and Life Studies National Research Council
  • ISBN978-0-309-14594-7
    Global climate change is one of America's most significant long-term policy challenges. Human activity--especially the use of fossil fuels, industrial processes, livestock production, waste disposal, and land use change--is affecting global average temperatures, snow and ice cover, sea-level, ...
    Authoring institutionBoard on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Division on Earth and Life Studies National Research Council
  • ISBN978-0-309-13663-1
    Owing to the expansion of network-centric operating concepts across the Department of Defense (DOD) and the growing threat to information and cybersecurity from lone actors, groups of like-minded actors, nation-states, and malicious insiders, information assurance is an area of significant and ...
    Authoring institutionNaval Studies Board Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences National Research Council
  • ISBN978-0-309-15737-7
    Cost and schedule growth is a problem experienced by many types of projects in many fields of endeavor. Based on prior studies of cost growth in NASA and Department of Defense projects, this book identifies specific causes of cost growth associated with NASA Earth and space science missions and ...
    Authoring institutionSpace Studies Board Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences National Research Council
  • ISBN978-0-309-14597-X8
    Substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions will require prompt and sustained efforts to promote major technological and behavioral changes, says Limiting the Magnitude of Future Climate Change, a new book from the America's Climate Choices study. Although limiting emissions must be a global ...
    Authoring institutionBoard on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Division on Earth and Life Studies National Research Council
  • ISBN978-0-309-15307-2
    The leaders of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps have recognized the potential impact of climate change on naval forces' missions and have positioned their organizations to make adaptive changes. This report is the first component of a study to assess the implications of climate change ...
    Authoring institutionNaval Studies Board Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences National Research Council
  • ISBN978-0-309-15709-4
    This Overview and Summary highlights key findings and major topics discussed in America's Energy Future: Technology and Transformation. It also reflects results presented in the additional three books that comprise the America's Energy Future project.
    Authoring institutionNational Academy of Sciences National Academy of Engineering National Research Council
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