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Engineering is Amazing!
by Adrian Burger
Engineering is beautiful, sublime, magnificent.Blink Tower makes short animations that explain concepts and ideas in clear, simple language. Our videos also have a sense of purpose – and when we got together for this video our purpose was clear:“
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Middle School and Younger Students (Grades K-8)
Engineering, Creating What Was Once Only Imaginable
by Deepa Bhuvanagiri
This is my NAE Engineering For You Video Contest entry. Through this video I've tried to capture the essence of engineering. I believe that imagination is the fundamental driver for innovation and anyone can be an engineer.
High School Students (grades 9-12)
Engineering is Incredible
by Emily Hazen
In the past 50 years, engineering has done so much to serve the human welfare and the needs of society. In this video, I highlight some of the best engineering achievements through Kinetic Typography, or animated text. These achievements should inspire us to keep creating in the next 50 years. Let's be incredible.
Tertiary Education Students (2-year college through grad school)
The Personification of Engineering
by Jacob Bryson
This video features engineering's impact on the daily lives of people from 1964 to 2064. Voices from each era speak to the industry with fond recollection of a model relationship they have come to rely upon--and they call to engineering to be their friend and hope for the future.
NAE FOE and NAE FOEE Participants/Alumni
Neil Armstrong on Engineering
by Jorge Cham
Animated excerpt from Neil Armstrong's speech at the National Press Club on February 22, 2000. When looking back at the greatest Engineering accomplishments of the last half century, two come to the forefront: The ability of the Internet and Worldwide Web to disseminate and share ideas and information, and Space Exploration's inspiring expansion of human boldness and reach.
The General Public
Engineering is Amazing!
by Adrian Burger
Whether solving our biggest challenges or just making our lives a little easier, engineering is the hidden "engine" behind everything we create, develop and improve. And it's amazing!
Honorable Mentions
Tertiary Education students (2-year college through grad school)
To Engineer is Human
by Barry Belmont
NAE Members and International Members
Kiss an Engineer
by Anita Jones, Takahiro Suzuki, and William Wulf
The Future is Boundless
by Biomedical Engineering Society - University of California, San Diego
The purpose of our video is to show the true beauty and power of engineering, and through it we hope to inspire others to pursue engineering while making the most of it. The future is boundless and engineering is the tool for redefining bounds. Engineering has let us accomplish all this by breaking the linear trend -- innovating, optimizing, and allowing technology to develop at an exponential rate.
  • Rob Cook,
    Vice President Emeritus Advanced Technology
    Pixar Animation Studios
  • Samira Bandaru First Place in High School EngineerGirl Essay Contest 2013
    Hopkins School, New Haven, CT
  • Li-Te Cheng Software Engineer Google
    NAE Frontiers of Engineering (FOE) Alumni 2011 and 2012
  • Melissa Flagg Senior Program Officer The MacArthur Fellows Program
    John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • Kathryn Latham Kennedy Social Media Writer, Friendemic NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Program
    Graduate from Duke University 2013
  • Enrique Lavernia* Distinguished Professor and Dean College of Engineering
    University of California, Davis
  • Donna Migdol 5th/6th grade teacher Gifted and Talented Program
    Oceanside School District, NY
  • Thomas J. Misa Director of the Charles Babbage Institute ERA Land Grant Chair in History of Technology
    University of Minnesota
  • Ainissa Ramirez Science Evangelist NAE Frontiers of Engineering Education (FOEE) Alumni 2011 and Frontiers of Engineering (FOE) Alumni 2004
  • Linda S. Sanford* Senior Vice President Enterprise Transformation
    IBM Corporation
  • Sophie Vandebroek Chief Technology Officer and President Xerox Innovation Group
    Xerox Corporation
    NAE Frontiers of Engineering (FOE) Alumni 1995
  • Paul Wright* Director Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute A. Martin Berlin Chair in Mechanical Engineering
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Jerry Zucker Producer, Writer, Director Zucker Productions
    Vice-Chair, National Academy of Sciences’ Science and Entertainment Exchange
  • * signifies an NAE member
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