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The Personalized Teacher
by Texas Student Television Digital Media Team - Jason Weilee, Carson Taylor, and Ridge Liu
A class discovers the wondrous potential of advanced personalized learning!
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Middle School and Younger Students (Grades K-8)
Engineering for You
by Maksim Tonyushkin
In this video I explain the benefits of virtual reality, solar energy, and fusion energy and how they can be used. The music is uncopyrighted and free to use however. The clips from lockheed martin, solar roadways, and solarimpulse2 are all permitted for me to use (I asked).
High School Students (grades 9-12)
Making Solar Panels More Affordable
by Hans Voegeli
A take on why making solar panels more affordable could mean a better world, all done in Lego!
Tertiary Education Students (2-year college through grad school)
Our Future Shines Above
by Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Querétaro campus
Every day you get tons of technical information, but that normally doesn't change who you are. It doesn't change the way you look at things, the way you feel nor what you chose to do with your life. Inspiration in the other hand, moves mountains and ignites dreams. It becomes passion, and passion can shape the world. That is what we intend with this video, to light a spark inside every individual and motivate them to release the engineer every person has within, and use it to find a way of making solar energy cheaper. Today, in a world where the poles melt and the economy trembles as the oil runs out, we need to take advantage of the infinite energy resource the sun has provided the Earth since the beginning of time.The person we need might be behind its computer, all we need to do, is inspire him/her.
The General Public
Virtual Reality: The Next Technological Frontier
by Bonny Eagle Robotics Team
In today's world, virtual reality is an up and coming technology. Although often associated with the gaming industry, research has proven that virtual reality is capable of so much more. Our video gives a snapshot into the possibilities of what virtual reality can do, but the possibilities are so broad that we can only cover a few seconds of each topic. Using animation combined with narration, we give brief clips of different areas of profession that could utilize virtual reality to further refine safety on the job, health in society, and happiness in life.The Bonny Eagle Robotics Team (often abbreviated to "BERT") is a non-profit high school team that actively participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition, a worldwide competition for teenagers to teach the importance of science and engineering in the real world.
Water is Our Future
by Tyler Su
  • Rob Cook,
    Vice President Emeritus Advanced Technology
    Pixar Animation Studios
  • Ginger Alford Director of Computer Sciences, Trinity Valley School and Strategic Project
    Director - Technology, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
  • Deepa C. Bhuvangiri Middle School Category Winner E4U Contest 2014, "Engineering, Creating What Was Once Only Imaginable"
  • Jacob Bryson Tertiary Category Winner E4U Contest 2014,
    "Personification of Engineering"
  • Melissa Flagg Senior Program Officer The MacArthur Fellows Program John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • Emily Grace Hazen High School Category Winner E4U Contest 2014,
    "Engineering is Incredible" Video
  • Heidi Hackemer Founder, Director of Strategy Wolf & Wilhelmine
    New York, New York
  • Enrique Lavernia* Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
    University of California Irvine
  • Suzanne McCarron President Exxon Mobil Foundation
  • Richard K. Miller* President, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
    Office of the President
  • Jerry Zucker Producer, Writer, Director Zucker Productions
    Vice-Chair, National Academy of
    Sciences' Science and Entertainment Exchange
  • * signifies an NAE member

    Throughout history, engineering has advanced civilization from the way we connect with each other, to the way we heal, to how we get around, and simply have fun. But society still faces major obstacles.

    The National Academy of Engineering has outlined 14 game-changing opportunities for the 21st century called the Grand Challenges for Engineering. We want you to review NAE’s 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering, then create and submit a 1 to 2 minute video that shows how achieving one or more of the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering will lead to a more sustainable, healthy, secure, and/or joyous world!

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    The 14 NAE
    Grand Challenges for Engineering

    We want you to review the NAE's 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering, then create a video that shows how achieving one or more of the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering will lead to a more sustainable, healthy, secure, and/or joyous world.

    • Make solar energy economical
    • Provide energy from fusion
    • Develop carbon sequestration methods
    • Manage the nitrogen cycle
    • Provide access to clean water
    • Restore and improve urban infrastructure
    • Advance health informatics
    • Engineer better medicines
    • Reverse-engineer the brain
    • Prevent nuclear terror
    • Secure cyberspace
    • Enhance virtual reality
    • Advance personalized learning
    • Engineer the tools of scientific discovery
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